Commission a Painting

Where is your favorite spot?

Take yourself back to that special place where you were surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Perhaps you have memories of being a kid sitting in an orchard or a hideaway in the woods close to your family home.  Or maybe you were with the love of your life and there’s a romantic spot overlooking the ocean where you shared your first kiss.  Perhaps your favorite spot is canoeing on a lake surrounded by the snow capped Rockies or a spot on the Sunshine coast that boasts gnarled and windswept trees.  Maybe it was a moment of pure bliss where you stood with a wine glass in hand overlooking a vineyard in the south of France and realized that life couldn’t get any better than that moment.

Each of us hold memories of special moments and places in our hearts.  I want to work with you to capture those singular moments in a painting and to share my process as I create your special piece.  There are several ways to do that:

1.  You can send me photos of the place that is dear to your heart.  We can meet in person or talk on the phone about your spot.  AfterSunset Katepwa Lake at Lebret agreeing on a size, price and timeline a depost is made, which is applied completely toward your painting. I will then move forward with sketches and you will be able to choose the composition you most like.  I will then blog about the step-by-step process of working on your canvas so you can see the painting unfold before your eyes.

2. You can sponsor a visit to the specific locale of your choice and I will visit to make several plein air sketches.  It is ideal for you to attend the visit with me because that way I can get a sense of your passion and what it is that is important to you.  I will take plenty of reference photos.   A deposit is made, which is applied completely toward your finished painting.   Then from the sketches and photos I will work with you to decide upon the exact scene you would like commissioned.  After agreeing upon size, price and timeline I will move forward with your painting as outlined above.  Additionally, you have the first purchase rights of any of the plein air sketches.

3.  You can decide on a theme for a painting and I will show you reference material such as plein air sketches and photos that I already have.  Once you have decided upon a scene you would like commissioned we will agree on size, price and timeline and I will move forward with your painting as outlined above.

Request more information, inquire about pricing and check my availability.

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