Susan July 2010-websiteSusan L. Greig
A Rennaisance Raconteur

Renaissance woman [ren-uh-sahns woom-uhn] n. a woman who has broad interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

Raconteur [rak-uhn-tur; Fr. ra-kwan-toer] n. one who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit

Susan L. Greig, A Rennaisance Raconteur  n.  a BC métis woman and multi-dimensional being enthused by life and who shares stories through fine art.

My first artistic memory is pasting squares of tissue paper on to a cut-out paper tulip in kindergarten. It was beautiful and vibrant and I was proud of it.  My parents were not convinced that a living could be made pursuing art so as I grew up art was out of the question in school and business became my focus.  Over the years I have painted children’s furniture, murals, and have worked in graphic design and served as an Art Director for a literary magazine.  In the fall of 2011 I decided it was time to pursue more fine art.

Painting is not just the type of art I do or the method I use to create.  To me, painting is a form of story telling.  It is capturing a singular moment in time, a “snapshot” that captures the light, the colour, the mood of a place and what has just happened or is about to happen.  The act of putting brush to canvas causes me to lose complete track of time and everything goes out of my head to focus on the feel of the brush in my hand and to the way the paint spreads and moves.  If I am outside – where I love to paint  the most (en plein air) – my connection to nature, the sounds of the birds, the river flowing by and the many sounds of life are heightened.  It’s as if I have new eyes to see and new ears to hear.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that seeps into my core and quiets the deepest parts of my soul like painting.

New Westminster—“The Royal City”–and once our provincial capital is the place I call home so I’m proud to say that my art is “Made in New West”. My husband, Bruce and I live in a in a 1910 Arts & Crafts bungalow with two dogs and Mr. Bingley, our cat.  Our younger daughter moved out of the house about six months ago so we are empty-nesters.  Everyone said I would miss her and sit on her bed and cry; it didn’t quite happen that way because although I do miss her I was too excited to turn her bedroom into my new art studio and focus on painting.

I love to paint life along the Fraser River and West Coast landscapes.  The main influences for my work are Lawren Harris, Tom Thompson, and the members of Group of Seven, Van Gogh and Emily Carr. I am inspired additionally by stained glass, vintage and antique block prints, designers of the Arts & Crafts movement such as Dard Hunter, and illustrators of antique children’s books.   I am enthralled with seeing how other Métis living today have translated our traditional arts into the modern world we live in and I am energized by first nations artists and Métis painters like  Timothy D. MohanAyla Bouvette, and Christie Belcourt.

Feel free to email me with comments or questions. Your feedback is always welcomed and much appreciated.

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  1. I am looking for an artist that painted a Venician scene. Might have been your…..great grand parent…? The signature looks like L: Gyerig. Any ideas?

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