My art – Made in New West

In April I became a member of the New West Artists Society and since I never join anything without being prepared to participate I have started to become involved with some of the meetings of the executive-the term Member-at-large has been bantered around.  A few weeks ago we had a meeting with Tej Kainth from New West Tourism where she serves as the marketing and visitor centre coordinator.  She introduced herself saying, “I’m as #NewWest as #NewWest gets, I was born and raised here and I love this city.”

Tej then shared with us the new Made in New West branding the city is adopting and we had to keep it under our hats until the officialMade in New West launch on June 25. Several members of the NWA executive were able to go to the launch and said they had a fabulous time.  This past week the  Made in New West video has been uploaded on YouTube and I’ve found it very inspiring.  My husband and I have a history with this city going back to the mid-1980’s and it is such a delight to see recent growth and change-the video speaks to the new vibe and energy that is palpable as you walk on the streets and go about daily business.  I love the quote about the city from Peter Saran at our favorite local pub, Rivers Reach, “Look at it now, it’s not like it was 10 years ago.  It may be it’s painted with an old brush, it shouldn’t be; it’s time to get new brushes.”

The video also makes me very proud to be a New West artist and to say that my work is Made in New West.

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